Hi there,
Rather than a cover letter or exam flashbacks, we’d like to ask some questions to get insight into your knowledge, opinions, and writing. Stumped? No worries, there isn’t always a right or wrong answer.

Thanks for taking the time, we hope to talk soon!
What’s the rem of this page?

How about the difference between ... and

Do you feel guilty when you throw down a ?

Name a typeface you’ve gotten to know.
What do you appreciate about it?

Favorite CSS preprocessor?

What are some great sites you’ve seen lately?

Thoughts on Bootstrap?

What problems do BEM, OOCSS, and SMACSS solve?

Can we see any of your work?

Portfolio, GitHub, CodePen, etc.
Resume URL

Where you at?


Know anyone that writes great JS?

Thanks for answering our questions!

Next steps:
If things look good we’ll reach out to talk further and work on at least one project together to see how things go.
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